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Woodcarving and Woodcarvers in Venice, 1350-1500

Woodcarving and Woodcarvers in Venice, 1350-1500

Schultz, Anne Markham

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This book is the first synthetic treatment of Venetian woodcarving and woodcarvers. It opens with an introduction covering all aspects of the subject - materials, techniques, patronage, genres, and style, as well as social history of the profession in late Medieval and Renaissance Venice. There follows a biographical dictionary of nearly 600 woodcarvers, largely based on unpublished archival documents, the most interesting of which are transcribed in entirety. The catalogue focuses on 13 works of particular interest in and outside of Venice. The corpus of 20 illustrations in colour and 300 in black and white reproduces statues, altarpieces, crucifixes, and choir stalls in lavish and exquisite detail.
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