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Wanderlust USA

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Long-distance trekking, short day trips out of town, an extended weekend escapade; the first series installment of our bestselling Wanderlust has it all. Experienced outdoor enthusiasts and those lacing-up their boots for their first time: prepare to hike the diverse American landscape. Whether aiming to conquer epic expeditions, or simply complete a day hike to recharge, paths of every size await the intrepid wayfarer in Wanderlust USA, a book that serves as a blueprint for adventurous souls in search of new summits. Stunning photography and insightful tips from veteran long-distance hiker Cam Honan bring many bucolic treks to life, including the unmissable California ancient redwoods and misty waterfalls of Yosemite Park, as well as Utah’s dramatic canyons, and the Atlantic cliffs of Maine.


Nieuw exemplaar 2019, hardcover, 320pp, 29.5x23cm