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Two volumes - Encyclopedia of Exploration

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The desire for knowledge, resources, and fame as well as a sense of duty and adventurousness has driven intrepid explorers away from their homes and into the unknown since the time of the first people. Human beings are naturally curious, and their ability to imagine what lies just beyond the horizon has helped them populate the globe, driven their technological advancements, and allowed them to discover new ways of surviving in even the most inhospitable of environments. Encyclopedia of Exploration is a two-volume reference to the history of human exploration over land, across and under seas, and into space. This must-have set – a fascinating, comprehensive reference covering core topics in the school curriculum for world history and geography – details various aspects of exploration, many of the great expeditions, and numerous explorers. Bridging the curiosity of today’s students and general readers with the experiences of explorers of the past, the encyclopedia provides easy access to a wide range of important and interesting information. Volume I: The Explorers is a who was who of world explorers, while Volume II: Places, Technologies, and Cultural Trends covers other significant aspects of the history of exploration.

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2004, twee delen hardcover, 1370pp, fraaie set, 28.5x22cm