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Tribe / The Hidden History of the Mountains of the Moon

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€29,50 EUR
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Tribe tells the hidden history of the Mountains of the Moon, the glacier-crowned lost world of incomparable beauty that lies at the heart of equatorial Africa. Award-winning author Tom Stacey has been intimately involved in the life of the mountains and their people for over 50 years. In this compelling work, straddling the genres of travel and history, he traces the story of the Bakonzo tribe and their turbulent bid for self-determination. He tells of his own mission to mediate with the Ugandan government on behalf of the rebel Bakonzo kingdom which he had unwittingly inspired, and writes with passion and depth on the sanctity of race and place

Midpoint Trade Books Inc

2003, gebonden met stofomslag, 544pp, fraai exemplaar, 24x16cm