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Trial Justice / The International Criminal Court and the Lord's Resistance Army

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‘ excellent book on the northern Uganda conflict…’ Carlos Rodriguez, Ugandan Observer ‘…excellent and very up-to-date book…Tim Allen’s book is really valuable. It contains a wealth of background material, and firsthand interview material gathered in northern Uganda, on the issue of the interaction between the ICC and the situation [in Uganda].’ Helena Cobban, ‘Just World News’ ‘For those engaged in efforts to improve the lives of people in the north, this book is an informative read. For those who are engaged in the punditry business, it is an imperative…[Allen] brings out all of the issues and engages in a detailed analysis of the diverse views on justice and reconciliation especially for and among the Acholi people with particular reference to the ICC.’ The Sunday Vision (Uganda)


2006, paperback, 230pp, mooi exemplaar.