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Three years war

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On 2 October 1899 a horseman arrived at Christiaan de Wet’s Orange Free State farm and served summonses for commando service on himself and his three eldest sons. They were to prepare for active service, providing themselves with horses, saddles and bridles and rifles each with 30 rounds of ammunition (alternatively 30 lead balls, 30 percussion caps and half a pound of black powder). Nine days later on 11 October 1899 Britain and the Boer republics went to war. De Wet took his place in the ranks of the Heilbron Commando as a common burgher, but a few weeks later he was nominated and elected to commandant. Two months later on 9 December 1899, President Steyn of the Orange Free State appointed him to the rank of Vecht Generaal (Fighting General). By the end of the war he would become Commandant General and Commander-in-Chief of all Boer forces of the Orange Free State. After the British Army had regrouped and reorganised after suffering several humiliating defeats, they advanced under the command of Lord Roberts and occupied Pretoria. Once Pretoria was occupied, the British considered the war was over.


2005, paperback, 460pp, mooi exemplaar, 24x17cm