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The Lively Art of Ink Painting

The Lively Art of Ink Painting

Ryozo Ogura

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The author has taught sumi-e for nearly twenty years in the United States, mainly in the Chicago area. From his experiences with Westerners, mainly Americans, he has written this book to give people from the Occident a new slant on an art from the Orient. He explains the background of sumi-e, its equipment and brushes, and gives many examples of how to paint, starting with easy things and moving on to more advanced ones. The subject material of his pictures, selected with special care, features animals, plants, fruits, vegetables, and scenes dear to the hearts of the American people. By using largely non-Oriental subjects he is able to bring to beginner and expert alike a fresh insight into the vital and truly living aspects of an art often unjustly regarded as academic and formalized. Ogura is well aware that the profundities of ink painting can be appreciated only after thorough studies of Oriental philosophy, Zen Buddhism, and intricate and numerous painting methods, but he is equally sure that with an understanding of the general history of the art, a little knowledge, and some practice, anyone can learn to appreciate and actually paint sumi-e.
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