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The Great White Brotherhood / In the Culture, History and Religion of America

The Great White Brotherhood / In the Culture, History and Religion of America

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Elizabeth Clare Prophet (née: Wulf, a.k.a. Guru Ma) (April 8, 1939 – October 15, 2009) was an American spiritual leader, author, orator, and writer. In 1963 she married Mark L. Prophet (after ending her first marriage), who had founded The Summit Lighthouse in 1958. Mark and Elizabeth had four children. Elizabeth, after her second husband's death on February 26, 1973, assumed control of The Summit Lighthouse. In 1975 Prophet founded Church Universal and Triumphant, which became the umbrella organization for the movement, and which she expanded worldwide. She also founded Summit University and Summit University Press. In the late 1980s Prophet controversially called on her members to prepare for the possibility of nuclear war at the turn of the decade, encouraging them to construct fallout shelters. In 1996, Prophet handed day-to-day operational control of her organization to a president and board of directors. She maintained her role as spiritual leader until her retirement due to health reasons in 1999. During the 1980s and 1990s Prophet appeared on Larry King Live, Donahue and Nightline, among other television programs] Earlier media appearances included a feature in 1977 in "The Man Who Would Not Die," an episode of In Search Of... She was also featured in 1994 on NBC's Ancient Prophecies.
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