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The Gospel According to Thomas - Christ's Recorded Sayings of Mastery

The Gospel According to Thomas - Christ's Recorded Sayings of Mastery

French, L. P.

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Event Horizon Publishing llc, brings you a discovery that occurred in 1945 at the end of World War II, of which most of us have never heard. Imagine our belief-system being turned upside down. Many believe we've been told a true version of history the last 2000 years. Have we really? The Gospel According to Thomas (also known as the 'Thomas Gospel' and the 'Gospel of Thomas') the first new biblical book in 20 centuries, was found in desert sand, in 1945. It was so shocking and amazing Hollywood made several films based on it. Yet 95% of us still do not know of it. The Gospel According to Thomas, from Christ's brother, was found in the desert in the proverbial Earthenware Jar - and it revealed 46 Christian scrolls from 2000 years earlier, that the Roman editors left out of their version of the Bible, 400 years later, in 381 AD. This brought up scandalous questions of political intrigue. Aspersions were cast upon this scroll almost instantly by church officials, even before studying it (not very scholarly). When first reading this gospel from Christ's brother, Thomas (in carbon-dated scrolls like the earliest New Testament), it's amazing how similar the quotes are to Christ's quotes in the Bible, in subtle mysterious beautiful ways. Many quotes are essentially identical; and some exquisitely, slightly different, bring new meaning. All are fascinating. They're so similar to scripture, some experts say Thomas may be the long lost "Q" or the Source document from which Matthew, Mark and Luke arose. It"s believed the scroll was much larger back then. (The Bedouin who found it said several scrolls were burned for kindling.) It is even said Jesus may have helped create it. In reading it, it sounds like what Christ might teach around a campfire. There’s a brevity to its 114 verses. With great care and love, it comes out to you now. Its translation took nine years to complete. It truly engages our modern hearts. This gospel now enjoys current clarity for us, and spiritual continuity for our world. Its message is relevant to people of our day with our frame of reference. Enjoy its present-moment Form, its spiritual Context, along with its beautifully mystical Contents. You can read the original form of Thomas' Scroll right here as well. Enjoy now Christ's deepest and his most private teaching to his disciples. Prepare to be astounded.
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