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The Dark Net / Inside the Digital Underworld

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€24,50 EUR
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A fascinating and disturbing journey through the furthest recesses of the Internet. Jamie Bartlett is an expert guide… he shines an invaluable light on a world that remains determinedly opaque. — Ian Burrell * Independent * A hell of an achievement… Buy it and read it. — Hugo Rifkind * The Times * Eye-opening … Bartlett is an informal yet informed guide … As befits a cross-party intellectual, he minimizes binary distinctions, conveying instead a mixture of conservative disquiet and liberal tolerance. The tales he tells are exemplary, titillating and sometimes frightening * Times Literary Supplement * Bartlett anatomises the usual bogeymen and demonstrates that they’re real.The Dark Net is, for anyone engaged with the web and the effects it is having on our culture, necessary reading… a flashlight in a dark, dark cellar. — Michael Bywater * Spectator * A fascinating and disturbing exploration of the outer edges of the internet and the human mind. — Josh Cohen

Melville House Pub

Nieuw exemplaar 2015, gebonden met stofomslag, 308pp, 23.5x16.5cm, klein scheurtje in omslag.