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Secrets of lost Exmpires

Secrets of lost Exmpires

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Tying in with a BBC2 television series, this book records attempts to solve the mysteries which surround the construction of some of the world's great archaeological treasures, without the help of modern technology. In Egypt, the book explores how the Great Pyramid of Giza was built without the use of iron tools, by quarrying, transporting and raising solid granite, one of the hardest of all stones to work. In Spain an attempt is made to reconstruct an awning over a bullring, similar to the awning which covered the Colisseum in Ancient Rome. In Peru, the book documents the daunting task of building a bridge from grass and twigs over a ravine, and trying to fit huge stones together as the Incas did. And in England the focus is on the Great Trilithon, one of the massive groups of stones at Stonehenge.
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