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Perspectives, Taste, Pace, Style, Values, Love

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Gerd Bulthaup is the Managing Partner of the kitchen manufacturer Bulthaup GmbH & Co KG.
Perspectives is a book aimed at giving you specific, inspiring ideas for your immediate personal environment. But it doesn’t offer any interior-decoration tips to imitate; instead, it addresses broader questions, such as: How will we shape our personal surroundings in the future? Which developments inside and outside the fields of design and architecture will influence our taste and our sense of style? What will be the priorities and leitmotifs of tomorrow? ”Perspectives” investigates these questions by allowing leading international architects, designers and other people interested in the aesthetic aspects of everyday life to air their points of view.
In the five chapters of this book – Taste, Pace, Style, Values and Love – our authors explore the diverse influences that have played a role in their work. The focus is on architecture and product design, but they also discuss topics from the worlds of fashion, lifestyles, nutrition and hospitality. As you read these articles, you’ll find some surprising areas of agreement as well as striking differences. ”Perspectives” is not meant to be a series of theoretical treatises but rather a set of personal insights dealing with subjective sensual experiences. Readers who are interested in design will be particularly fascinated by the book’s luxurious visual layout and by the glimpses it offers into the individual perspectives and hands-on work of successful creators.

Hoffmann und Campe

2004, gebonden met stofomslag, 192pp, keurig exemplaar, 30.5x24cm, stofomslag met lichte gebruikssporen.