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Otto Neurath / the Language of the Global Polis

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This book traces Neurath’s global understanding of the modern metropolis as a ‘global polis’, representing an idea about collectivity premised on cultural and linguistic universality. Although much attention has been given to Neurath’s achievements in the field of graphic design and philosophy, he has never been treated in the context of urbanism and architecture.
The book first deals with Neurath’s engagement with the modern metropolis, then turns to his growing fascination with visual media and the rise of the Vienna Method of Pictorial Statistics, and finally focuses on the project of the global polis and the ways in which Neurath attempted to internationalize the aims of his Museum of Society and Economy through collaborations with CIAM and Otlet, and by establishing satellite museums across the world.
Both scholarly and well written, Vossoughian’s text offers a new perspective to one of the most formidable intellectuals of the interwar period, as well as fresh insights in the relation between politics and the polis in the 20th century.

nai010 uitgevers/publishers 2008, hardcover, 176pp, mooi exemplaar, 26x20cm