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Nigel Dempster and the Death of Discretion

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‘I’m really jealous of this; Dempsters world is such a juicy subject and Tim Willis has caught it completely.’ –Peter York ‘A gorgeous account of the sentimental sadist, seasoned with scandal and nostalgia’ –Julie Burchill Witty, scandalous and horribly riveting –The Sunday Times This lively, well-written biography is studded with the sort of anecdotes Dempster would have relished… (But) is is more than a portrait of a man; it is a portrait of a pre-Twitter age. Dempster prefigured our celebrity culture and in the end was submerged by it… –The Evening Standard ‘This alluring biography chronicles the extraordinary changes British society has undergone in the past few decades and accurately defines the columnist s own part in that seismic shift. It s a dazzling read, a helter-skelter ride through High Society and Fleet Street…’ –The Sunday Express ‘Not just a fine portrait of a diarist, Tim Willis has anatomised a society in flux’ – Rachel Johnson –The Lady ‘A must for anyone interested in showbusiness and how it is reported’ –News of the World ‘Effervescent, elegantly written and faultlessly researched… Tim Willis has caught the atmosphere of the Dempster decades with uncanny precision. Willis’s book treats the many facets of Dempster, his braggadocio and his bonking, his swagger, his guile and his generosity with frankness and in fascinating detail.’ –The Spectator ‘A must for anyone interested in showbusiness and how it is reported’ –News of the World


2010, gebonden met stofomslag, 250pp, mooi exemplaar.