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Mario Testino SIR

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€45,00 EUR
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…a sensual and alluring chronicle of modern masculinity. More than just celebrating the male body, this book looks at the shifting ways men present themselves and are, in turn, represented. An exploration of the evolution of male beauty and glamour over the last three decades-but most importantly, the jawlines and washboard abs, a lot of drooling! …SIR is the work of a fashion photographer with an insight into what clothing, the lack thereof, and the fashion industry at large demonstrate about the state of masculinity at any given time. Best of all, it knows not to attempt to tell the story of evolving masculinity from beginning to end – just chronicling the moment a lot of change began. The Swiss bound, Japanese-cloth-clad volumes come packaged in a metallic slipcase ready for their readers’ enjoyment. Beautifully done. It’s a beast of a book. …an extraodinary breadth of work, which may be suprising to those who know Testino only for his fabulously glossy documentation of high fashion and high society. It is as comprehensive a compilation as it is beautiful. This is masculinity in all its permutations.

Taschen GmbH

Nieuw gesealed exemplaar 2016, softcover, 524pp, 35x27cm