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Margit Kovacs Die Keramikerin

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Margit Kovács was born in GyőrHungary on 30 November 1902. She originally wished to become a graphic artist but she grew interested in ceramics in the 1920s and went to study in Vienna with Hertha Bücher, a famous Austrian ceramic artist, from 1926-1928. Then she studied clay modelling in Munich at the State School of Applied Arts under Karl Killer (1928–29). She was a fellow student here, then lifelong friend of Julia Bathory, glass artist. She studied in Copenhagen in 1932 and in 1933 she was at Sèvres Porcelain factory where she mastered the art of modelling with chamotte clay to make figures.

She won international awards in Milan, Paris, Berlin, Brussels and Rome. She was very popular in Hungary and received many public commissions. The Communist regime gave her the Distinguished Artist Award in 1959.

Kovács died in Budapest on 4 June 1977. Her grave is in Farkasréti Cemetery in Budapest.

Corvina, Kepzomuveszeti Kiado

1976, linnen gebonden met stofomslag, 192pp, fraai exemplaar, 31.5x23.5cm