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Leon Bronstein The magic world of sculpture

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Leon Bronstein has had a life of adventure that has taken him from the country of his birth in Moldavia, to the land of Israel.
An engineer and watchmaker by training, Bronstein’s vivid and active imagination ripened and evolved as he sought freedom with his family away from the constraint of the culture of his birth.
Bronstein, like many seekers, discovered within himself a source of strength and creative power that would generate an artistic vocation inspired with determination to express a reach for freedom.
The year was 1979, Bronstein could not find a job as an engineer or watchmaker, he needed employment, he could work with tools and had molded clay and worked with wood as a child. It was the beautiful grain of a piece of olive wood that motivated the sculptor to fashion a small figure at a wood shop in the Old City Caesarea.
It was through this statue that was so well received by a local shopkeeper that Bronstein’s new artistic direction was charted.
This combination of circumstances and the success of his first sculpture gave direction and purpose to his innate talent…

Mechira Pumbit publishers

2004, gebonden met stofomslag, 156pp, fraai exemplaar, 23x24cm