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Kuttia Kond Dschungel-Bauern in Orissa

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Khonds (also spelled Khonds, Khonda, Kandha, Khondo etc.) are an aboriginal, autochthonous indigenous, ethnic tribal people of India inhabiting a densely forested area which was called Khondistan by the British Colonisers.
In the Republic of India they are a designated Scheduled Tribe and found predominantly in the states of Odisha and Chhattisgarh while small pockets of Khond population can also be found in the Araku Valley of Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra,and West Bengal.
Traditionally hunter-gatherers, they are artificially divided into the hill-dwelling “Dongria” Khonds and a several plain-dwelling Khonds like Kutia Khonds, Sitha Khonds and Raja Khonds based on Geographic dispersion for census purposes; the Khonds themselves prefer to identify by their clan rather than the labels used by Census authorities.
Most of the Khond households usually hold large tracts of fertile land, in addition to land of the commons belonging to their tribal community, but still practise hunting, gathering and slash and burn agriculture in the forests as a symbol of their connection to, and ownership of the forest.
The Khonds speak the Kui language.

Klaus Renner Verlag 1964, linnen gebonden met stofomslag, 258pp, keurig exemplaar, 28.5x21cm