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Inside the SAS

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The Special Air Service is Britain’s elite force, known throughout the world for its effectiveness both in war and as an anti-terrorist unit. This book traces the origins of the force in 1941 and gives accounts of its wartime campaigns from World War II to the Gulf conflict, including Malaya, Oman, Borneo, Northern Ireland and the Falklands. It has sections on tactics (including the four-man patrol); weapons and equipment, from small arms to anti-tank weapons and from motorcycles to submarines; and selection and training. The final section focuses on leading SAS figures such as its founder (Colonel David Stirling), Major Eric Barkworth, Colonel Charles Beckwith, General Peter de la Billiere, Sir Fitzroy Maclean and Major Mike Kealy.


1992, paperback, 224pp, mooi exemplaar, 28.5x21.5cm