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Hastings to Culloden - Battles of Britain

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This classic survey by two of Britain’s foremost military historians looks in detail at all the major campaigns and battles to have taken place on British soil since the Norman Conquest.
The accounts of individual battles and campaigns, including Hastings, Bosworth, Flodden, Edgehill, Naseby, Dunbar and Culloden, are linked by short descriptions of changes in arms and tactics so as to give a continuous outline of the development of the art of war and of the resources available to the military commanders from the Conquest to 1746. Equal attention has been paid to both the cause of each action and to the conditions under which the soldiers fought. Wherever possible, the authors have drawn on contemporary documents and sources, and wherever available, eye-witness accounts are quoted, giving a fresh and authoritative account of each battle of interest to both the general reader and military historian. The book closes with up-to-date notes, provided by The Battlefields Trust, on visiting the battlefield sites today.


1996, softcover, 294pp, mooi exemplaar, 23.5x15.5cm, aantal potlood onderstrepingen.