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The Most Exciting Voyages of Discovery — from the African Expeditions to the Lunar Landing. One the most exciting periods of exploration coincided with the invention of photography. As a result, the most important expeditions over the last 160 years were captured and preserved by incredibly dramatic photographs.
Explorers is a stunning history of such expeditions, presented chronologically since 1845. It features rare archival photographs, maps, prints, and drawings, reproduced on stunning gatefolds that fold out to up to 40 inches across and up to 22 inches high.
Text includes a short biography of each explorer, the extraordinary stories of their expeditions, and passages from their personal journals. The explorers featured include, among many others, a total of 22:
Richard Frances Burton and John Hanning Speke: sources of the Nile
Henry Stanley: looking for Livingstone
Isabella Bird Bishop: China
Ernest Shackleton: Antarctica
Roald Amundsen: the Northwest Passage and the South Pole
Gertrude Bell: Iraq
Maria Reiche: Nazca, Peru
Thor Heyerdahl: Kon-Tiki raft across the Pacific
Edmund Hillary: atop Mount Everest
Neil Armstrong: first steps on the Moon.
Explorers is the fascinating and uniquely illustrated history of the explorers and how their expeditions influenced the world we live in today.

Firefly Books Ltd

2005, gebonden met stofomslag, 56 dubbele pp, fraai exemplaar, 29x26.5cm