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Entitled, a critical history of the British Aristocracy

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You can’t deal with today’s injustices without knowing how we got here in the first place. If this parade of arrogant, snobbish and greedy toffs doesn’t get you to demand change, nothing will. This is fascinating, authoritative and radical history at its best. It lays bare the politics of jealousy and the sense of entitlement that has meant so few have owned so much and lorded it over so many for so long. The duke of Westminster won’t want you to read it, which is why you should. — Owen Jones A proudly partisan history of the British aristocracy – which scores some shrewd hits against the upper class themselves, and the nostalgia of the rest of us for their less endearing eccentricities. A great antidote to Downton Abbey. — Mary Beard A riveting, insightful, gripping and horrifying account of how the UK aristocracy gained and maintained power right up to today. — Charlie Falconer Forget celebrity infidelity and drug abuse. Here is one of our greatest scandals – our class-ridden society. That’s what should be exercising the Daily Mail. — Helena Kennedy Entitled is an energetic and engaging response to Whig historians in the tradition of Marxist historians. It is annoying and readable in equal measure. — Jacob Rees-Mogg Chris Bryant gives us a lively reminder of why we should put not our trust in Princes – or other landed knaves whose main achievement was to be born — Neil Kinnock


2017, hardcover, 436pp, fraai exemplaar, 24x16cm