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Dream Analysis Handbook

Dream Analysis Handbook

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Dream Analysis Handbook is the most important dream book ever written. It is the cutting edge tool of Jungian dream analysis which is based on over fifty years experience. More than a mere dream dictionary this book helps you personally define your dreams so you can solve your unique dream riddles. Dreams are reports from our unconscious as to the state of our minds. Once we begin understanding our dreams we begin to understand our waking selves as well. This book will help you understand what your dream means to you. Once you begin understanding your dreams you have a two way communication with the unconscious and conscious selves. This is where healing begins and will continue. By breaking down over forty dreams section by section you can follow along and understand how this process works. Then you can begin to apply it to your own dreams. This book will stay by your bedside along with your dream journal so you can unlock the prison of your unconscious mind so you can be free to pursue a healthier happier life.
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