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Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain: FM 3-06.11

Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain: FM 3-06.11

Army, Department Of the

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Massive 660 page book detailing urban combat tactics and techniques with text and illustrations. These are the chapters: 1) Introduction and Considerations, 2) Urban Analysis, 3)Urban Combat Skills, 4)Offensive Operations, 5)Defensive Operations, 6)Sniper and Countersniper Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, 7) Employment and Effects of Weapons, 8) Obstacles, Mines, and Demolitions, 9) Employment of Attack and Assault/Cargo Helicopters, 10) Fires, 11) Mobility, Countermobility, Survivability, 12) Combat Support, 13) Combat Service Support, and 14) Stability Operations and Support Operations. This book is thorough, there are even sections within chapters. For example, in "Urban Combat Skills" chapter the sections are: Movement, Entry Techniques, Clearing, Fighting Positions, Navigation in Urban Areas, and Camouflage. You won't find a better urban combat book anywhere.
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