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Chinese and Japanese porcelain for the Dutch Golden Age

Chinese and Japanese porcelain for the Dutch Golden Age

Campen, Jan van, Eliens, Titus

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Central to this publication is the question as to which porcelain reached the Netherlands in the 17th century and how it was esteemed. Thirteen authors, both within and outside the Netherlands, elucidate the different sides of this topic. Although it ultimately is the history of how it was received - what was valued and why - a broad range of viewpoints have been chosen in order to answer those two questions adequately. This publication seeks to address such questions as: how did the Republic become so prosperous so quickly, and why did the Dutch get involved in the long-distance overseas trade? How was the supply of porcelain organised? What were the opportunities available for Chinese porcelain decorators and porcelain dealers? How did the trade of the VOC and of private merchants work? How popular was porcelain before the VOC imported it in cargoes?
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