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Breaking the New Atheist Spell in the Light of Perennial Wisdom

Breaking the New Atheist Spell in the Light of Perennial Wisdom

Polit, Gustavo

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It is generally considered in our time that reality extends no further than the ''natural world'', and that science alone can give us reliable knowledge of it. This is the view of the New Atheists, and in fact it is also the belief of modern man. Above all modern man believes that we cannot have certain knowledge beyond what the scientific method reveals. The possibility of knowledge of an entirely different and superior order all but vanished from the consciousness of Western man after the so-called Enlightenment. The perennial wisdom does not deny any scientific knowledge insofar as it really is knowledge and not ad hoc conjecture or mere hypothesis, but it offers an incomparably more profound view of the nature of reality and of the human being. Above all, the perennial wisdom illumines the essential nature of intelligence and thus points to the true source of certitude. This book offers a much needed insight into the worldview of the Sophia Perennis, and it is a timely reminder of its depth and its urgent relevance to our times.
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