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Bordeaux, people, power and politics

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In a unique exploration of Bordeaux’s wine trade, Bordeaux: People, Power and Politics gets behind the scenes to discover how the region’s wines are produced, marketed and sold. The power of the press, merchants, negociants and consumers over Bordeaux’s wine prices, culture and economic health is assessed and explained Bordeaux’s key winemakers are featured and their contribution to the evolution of the region’s – and the world’s – wines is considered. Stephen Brook also reveals which properties are owned by whom, and assesses the impact of key business partnerships and rivalries upon the balance of power, wine styles and wine prices. Colour and black and white photographs help relate the extraordinary story of Bordeaux, and family trees clarify the history and portfolios of the region’s most powerful wine families.

Mitchell Beazley

2001, gebonden met stofomslag, 224pp, fraai exemplaar, 28.5x22.5cm