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Black & Grey Tattoo - 3

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From Street Art to Fine Art – Traditional / Dark-Horror / Photorealism.

Text in English, Spanish & German. Black & Grey Tattoo is a mammoth work. Comprising over a thousand pages, it is one of the largest — if not the largest — tattoo book ever published! Its three large-format volumes are contained inside a lavish and sturdy hardcover box. The set explores a monochrome art form through a kaleidoscope of the most widely diverse interpretations and craftsmanly techniques, performed by tattoo artists from all parts of the world. This tattoo tome explores the origins of black & grey tattooing — from the prisons and streets of LA to its contemporary resonance on Hollywood’s red carpets, at heavy metal music festivals, and in private ateliers from Budapest to Beijing. While rendered in just shades of grade, the spectrum of design is vast: Aztec warriors, fierce harpies, family portraits, religious icons and permanent shrines to celebrities adorn these pages. The common thread among them all is their inventive exposition and mastery of execution.

Edition Reuss

2010, gebonden hardcover, 272pp, keurig exemplaar, 32x25cm