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Bad Days in Basra / My Turbulent Time as Britain's Man in Southern Iraq

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occupation. His inside view of the difficulties of handling Iraq’s powerful Shia militias and the tense relationships that Britain’s ‘softly softly’ approach created with the Americans offers an important new insight into the Iraq war . Jonathan Steele A compelling picture of the administrative turmoil after Saddam Hussein was ousted. Hilary Synnott was one of a number of resourceful, determined individuals trying to make order out of chaos in the country and the book gives an illuminating insight into the role of the British contingent in the South-East and its tussles with the centre in Baghdad. Whether you want to enjoy the tragi-comedy of the story or learn the telling lessions from the mistakes, you can have confidence in this shrewd, balanced and authentic account.’ – Sir Jeremy Greenstock, former Prime Ministerial Envoy to Iraq Synnott’s testimony is authoritative, and devastating . Toby Dodge


2008, gebonden met stofomslag, 288pp, mooi exemplaar,