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Angelic-Reiki Energy Healing Level 2

Angelic-Reiki Energy Healing Level 2

Michaels, Debbie

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Level 2 the Practitioner will learn the Angelic Reiki Symbols, the purpose for using these Sacred Symbols, and how along with the use of these Sacred Symbols their empowerment. The practitioner; will be adding strength to their Angelic-Reiki Energy Healing abilities.The practitioner will additionally learn the different Healing Techniques, that they will have available to offer their clients.The Practitioner will also learn to work with their clients Traditional Medical needs; honoring the requirements of the Earthly Human Body.The practitioner will also learn the correct hand placement to permit the very best energy flow. Angelic-Reiki Energy Healing is a gift that is now being given to you, the practitioner; use it Knowingly for with this knowledge you will bring healing, use it with Love for with Love you will show Compassion, use it with Light for Angelic-Reiki Energy Healing come from The Light of The Angelic-Reiki Realm; The Realm of The Divine Healing Angels.Please understand that with the receiving of Angelic-Reiki Energy Healing Symbols there will be a change in the cellular and genetic levels of the practitioner; with each attunement, the evolution of the practitioner’s mind body and soul increases.
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