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Afrika / von Mittelmeer zum Aequator I-II

Afrika / von Mittelmeer zum Aequator I-II

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The Swiss photographer Emil Schulthess, born in 1913, has set off on many journeys into the furthermost reaches of the Earth on the trails of explorers such as the Antarctic pioneer Robert Scott. Driven by the urge to bring the last empty spaces on the map "into the light". His first journeys led Emil Schulthess to Africa and USA in the 1950s. Destinations in Asia and South America followed, as well as participation in an expedition by the US Navy into the Antarctic. Many people can no longer imagine it, in this age of satellite-based cartography, but it still exists even now – terra incognita. Not only on land, but especially in the sea. After all, around 70% of the globe is covered by water – the majority of which remains unexplored. Almost daily, new stretches of land and underwater worlds are still being found, not to mention animal species, approx. 86% of which are still undiscovered according to recent studies. This, which applies for us today, applied much more so for this photographer, who died in 1996.
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