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Ad van den Berg

Ad van den Berg

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Although for years double talent Adrian Vandenberg was best known as a guitarist and composer, particularly in the rock bands Vandenberg and Whitesnake, he also remained true to his passion for painting and drawing. In spite of intensive concert tours with his band he always found time and opportunities to satisfy his need for visual expression. After completing his education at the Academy of Arts (ABK) in Arnhem in the early 1980s, his qualities as a painter temporarily retreated into the background as a result of his tempestuous career as a musician. In 1998 he decided to give definite priority to visual art. Dynamism is a typical feature of Adrian Vandenberg's paintings and drawings. It would be an obvious conclusion to attribute the vitality and drive of his work to his hectic lifestyle as a celebrated guitarist. But his creative urge is not isolated; besides artistic inspiration, social commitment also is an essential component of his work. This richly illustrated retrospective of Adrian Vandenberg's work in oils shows a very talented artist with his feet firmly planted in society, who expresses this embedment in lively and colourful compositions put down with verve on paper or canvas.
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