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7-fold way to therapy / Holistic spiritual medicine based on anthroposophy

7-fold way to therapy / Holistic spiritual medicine based on anthroposophy

Are Thoresen

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My first book was written during 31 years. During the 4 years from February 2011,until the summer of 2015, I went through a fast and deep development with many realizations; both spiritually, energetically, religiously and professionally. The main realizations were the following; • The hands are highly spiritual organs. They can, when the fingertips meet the blood, as in pulse diagnosis, be transformed to highways into the spiritual world, and serve as organs of initiation. • The pulse-diagnosis is not a technique, it is a state of consciousness. • The changes in the pulse are not happening in the physical world, but in the spiritual. • To be able to detect pulse changes we have to be in the spiritual world. • To enter the spiritual world we have to separate either our thinking/feeling/willing or the elements of the physical world as height/width/depth/time. • Working with pulse-diagnosis is a way of initiation into the spiritual world. • Most diseases (80%) in children and animals are projections from the “grown-ups”, the parents. • The projections are real pathological entities, real pathological information, real “demons”. • All symptoms (diseases) are “pathological” information, and such information is not lost easily (no information is ever lost). • When we treat the excess after ordinary methods (the theory of the 5-star elemental Chinese theory) we just translocate the disease, the “excessive pathological information”, which is mostly of Yang (astral) nature. • When we treat the deficiency after the control theory of the 5-star elemental Chinese theory (as lectured by me before) we often just translocate the disease, the “deficient pathological information”, which is mostly of Yin (etheric) nature. • If we treat the middle, the equilibrium, the mid-point between excess-Yang-astral and deficiency-Yin-etheric, we will not translocate the disease, but dissolve it. • The so-called pathological structure is a living entity, which in old times was called a demon. o The Yin structures were called Ahrimanic demons. o The Yang structures were called Luziferic demons. • The 5-element star system of Chinese medicine is just a construct relating to the treatment of excess and deficiency, and do not function well in finding and treating the midpoint, and therefore must be revised. • The 6-star system is better to treat and find the midpoint. • The mid-point is related to the Christ-consciousness, and may be found by ways of; o Pulse; the Christ energy, where it is felt. o Pulse, the controller of the deficiency relating to the 5-star (father of the father of the symptoms) o Pulse; the midpoint of the triangle, the trinity. o Anatomically; the bodily midpoint between excess (Luzifer) and deficiency (Ahriman). o Cranio-sacrally; the midpoint at the head between excess (Luzifer) and deficiency (Ahriman). Thus, in the summer of 2015 I understood that my book on alternative medicine needed an update, a revision. All the above mentioned understandings had dawned on my mind and spirit. I felt that I had so much new to tell the world. I realized how much work it would take to update my 750 pages book, and did not look forward to that immense work. The inspiration to write a new book came to me on awakening on the 3rd of September 2015, 5 o'clock in the morning in Germany, after travelling to the old mystery places in Ireland and meeting a spiritual person that freed me from old thoughts. I suddenly understood that it was better to write a new book on spiritual medicine, rather than update the old one. I am happy here to be able to present the result of that inspiration.
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