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When Money Was In Fashion

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When Money was in Fashion provides a much needed and fascinating look into the life of one of Wall Street’s original elder statesmen. Fisher’s story is both revealing and personal and provides behind-the-scenes insight into the formative period of Wall Street’s growth. Charles Geisst, Author of The Last Partnerships and Wall Street: A History Most Americans know more more about string theory than they do about high finance — and even less about the character, family background and inner life of Wall Street’s principle protagonists. This beautifully written and quietly revealing biography provides a timely, fascinating and discretely unflinching account of the life of Henry Goldman — the sixth child and second son of Bertha and Marcus Goldman, the founder of Goldman Sachs, and a key if complex force in the evolution of the firm during the first two formative decades of the 20th century. Written by Goldman’s granddaughter, June Fisher, it combines a rare inside family portrait of America’s most powerful banking dynasty with an unusual degree of elegance, irony and restraint. Anyone interested in the history and lineage of Goldman Sachs will be riveted by Ms. Fisher’s story. Ric Burns, documentary filmmaker When Money Was in Fashion is a fascinating and enlightening window into a major part of Wall Street history: the now legendary investment banking firm of Goldman Sachs and Henry Goldman, one of the firm’s prime shapers. John Steele Gordon, Author of An Empire of Wealth: The Epic History of American Economic Power [An] immigrants-made-good saga .[A] memoir of an admired grandfather by a current-day octogenarian who was 10 years old when he died .Patriarch Goldman knew how to enjoy his money after earning it, knew how to enjoy togetherness with family members, knew how to enrich the citizenry he sometimes had been accused of exploiting. USA Today A graceful account of Goldman and his era….[A] charming family scrapbook. Bloomberg Businessweek

Palgrave Macmillan

2010, gebonden met stofomslag, 278pp, mooi exemplaar.