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Kiro Urdin

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1945 Born in Macedonia
1969 Obtained a degree from the Faculty of Law at the Belgrade University
1971-73 Worked as a journalist
1972 Worked as a chiefset designer for the telecasts “You with us too” and “Contact”, dedicated to the music composed by Beethoven, Verdi, Mozart, Chopin and Monteverdi
1974 Studied at the “Academie des Arts Plastiques” in Paris
1977 Obtained a Degree in Film Directing from the ”Academy of Cinema” in Paris
1982-83 Painted the portraits of the participants in the renowned “Soirees Poetiques de Struga” series (Neruda, Montale, Orlov, Okai, Guivellic)
1984 Worked as an independent painter in different countries : France, USA, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Taiwan
1984 Wrote and published the book “Le dedoublement de la personnalite”
1987 Listed in the reference work”Le Dessin, le Pastel et l’Aquarelle of the contemporary arts”, published by Editions Mayer
1995 Represented France at the French Art Festival in Tapei
1996 Illustrated the cover of the book by Jacques Delors “Combats pour l’Europe”
1997 Illustrated the cover of the book by Anatoli Karpov “Mes plus belles victores”
1997 Represented the Republic of Macedonia in Thessaloniki – Culture Capital of Europe ’97
1995-97 Travelled around the world and realized Planetarium as a multimedia project which included paintings, films and photos
1998-02 Wrote 8 books of poetry and aphorisms in French and English
2003 Planetarium became a worldwide ballet performance created by the choreographer Debbie Wilson
2005 Became a member of the Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences
2007 Exhibited at the Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences in Skopje and in Budapest
2008 Represented Macedonia at the Festival de la Francophonie de Moscou in Russia.
2009 Received an invitation by the City of Nuremberg, Germany, to exhibit at the National Gallery.

Robinsons Art Gallery

linnen gebonden met stofomslag, ongenummerde pagina's, fraai exemplaar, 21.5x30cm oblong