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Gender, Lies and Suicide / A Whistleblower Speaks Out

Gender, Lies and Suicide / A Whistleblower Speaks Out

Heyer, Walt

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Heyer was born in 1940 in Los Angeles. As a child, his grandmother made him a purple dress. When his parents discovered this, they would supervise all his visits and his father hit him. His uncle would sexually abuse him. After what he described as a misdiagnosis of gender dysphoria, Walt Heyer underwent gender reassignment surgery and lived for eight years as a woman named Laura Jensen, before regretting and reversing his sex change. His experience led him to support the view "that transgender people often experience regret after transitioning, arguing that what transgender people actually need is 'psychiatric or psychological help.'"In a 2020 video, Heyer described the source of his gender confusion as "being cross-dressed, being disciplined with a hardwood floor plank, and being sexually molested.''
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